Healthy Habits for Artists

4 Healthy habits that will help you be a successful artist.

It’s so important to have healthy habits as an artist, or any person really. Healthy habits will lead you to success. 

These are my favorite habits that I would recommend for any artist. 


Try meditation or yoga. I have noticed when I take the time to calm my mind in the morning and night with meditation or yoga, I feel way better! It takes some practice to get comfortable with but it is so worth it. There are lots of short meditations on youtube that are great. When I am just starting to meditate again, I like to listen to 5 minute meditations on YouTube. It’s easy to work your way up after 5 minutes. 

Yoga is also a great one. When I painted my first mural, I had to do yoga two times a day to make my body feel better. The mural was so hard on my body and yoga really helped me feel relaxed after being in such awkward positions while painting. A great YouTuber yoga instructor for beginners is Yoga By Adriene. Try a ten minute yoga video. You might even like it!

If you know how to calm your mind, creativity can flow more easily.


Nature is awesome for cleansing the mind. Having an artist’s mind can get overwhelming. Going into nature is really helpful for freeing the mind and recharging. Afterwards, you will feel so much more focused and at ease. Going into nature often is really good for mental health. Strong mental health is really helpful to have as an artist. 


Exercise is so great for the mind. Create an exercise schedule that works for you. It’s challenging in the beginning but in the end it is worth it because you have more energy more often. When you have more energy, you can create more. One way I love to exercise, is taking long walks to downtown Santa Rosa, Ca, with my partner. It’s a great way to get out in public and exercise. 


Eat foods that make your body feel good. You will be much more productive if you fuel your body well with healthy food. Do some research about what foods would make you feel the best. 

When I notice I’m eating too much sugar, drinking a really green juice every morning helps stop the cycle. I like the Suja green juices.

What are some good habits you like to implement in your life?

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