How To Find Art Opportunities

How to find your own art opportunities in a flooded market.


Be creative in finding a clear goal. Once you have a clear goal, you can search for opportunities that fulfill that goal.

  • Some examples of goals are finding a mural wall, finding your first commission client, or collabing with a local brand. The possibilities are endless. Find a clear goal you can work on.


To find opportunities, you have to let people know that you exist and are looking for opportunities.

You can:

  • Post adds in your city or your nearest big city. Bigger cities tend to have more art opportunities. Use craigslist, fliers, and social media to let people know you are searching for an opportunity to do art.
  • Talk to local businesses about what it is you do and what you want to accomplish. For example, if you want to create a mural, look in your town for viable walls and talk to the businesses about painting on their wall.
  • Talk to strangers about your goal. You never know what opportunities may come by talking about your goals. People are connected. People can help connect you to the right people.
  • Get in touch with your local art resources. Find your local art resource and tell them about your goals. The purpose about reaching out is to find the right connections to complete your goal.

Below is an example of a craigslist post I made when I was trying to create an opportunity to paint my first mural.


Be generous with what you create.

  • Give out dope stickers of your art for promotion. Trust me on this. People f#*%*ing love stickers. I recommend using sticker mule. The stickers are really high quality. I honestly prefer giving out stickers with art and my instagram over giving out business cards. It really depends on the situation. Sometimes a business card is more professional. A business card and a sticker is always good.
  • Volunteer your skills. Get creative with this. Donate a mural or design. The possibilities are endless. Do some work for free just to get your name out there. Donate your skills to businesses or people you love. Volunteer what you are passionate about. Think creatively on what you would want to give


Be passionate!

  • Let people know you are passionate about what you do.
  • If you are passionate people will trust you. You want people to have trust in you so that they want to connect with you. Connections with people will be how you find/create opportunities for yourself.


Manifest! Manifest! Manifest!

  • Actively manifesting an opportunity is the biggest tip I could give you. You won’t be able to achieve anything without manifesting it.
  • Try doing manifestation meditations. Envision opportunities coming to you every day.
  • Opportunities are out there. Allow them to come to you. Be proactive in your pursuits and believe your goals are possible. Because, well, they are!!! You are an ART BEAST and YOU CAN DO THIS!

What tips do you have for finding art opportunities?

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