My Pool Series – Explained

How I went from inspiration from a memory to clearing stuck energy. 

My pool series is one of my most loved series that I have ever made. When I made it, I had a short major addiction to painting pools. 

“Swimming with Spirits” March 2021

“Swimming with Spirits” was the first pool piece I made. Named after the spirit figures present in the painting. It was inspired by a piece of art that I used to love looking at in my grandma’s house. I missed seeing the piece at my grandma’s house. I couldn’t go see it because of covid. I decided to make my own version as big as I could and only from memory. I really wanted to feel this piece so I made it 60” x 72” x 1.2.” It was such a joy to make this. It was super satisfying because of its large size. I didn’t really know what it was looking like until I stepped back.

After making this piece I concluded that I f%$#ing love working on a large scale. 

“Jaimie” March 2021

Second to be created was “Jaimie.” I had gone out thrift shopping in hopes to find canvases and I found…..a huge masterpiece pro canvas!! 60in x 24in x 1.5in + In really great condition. I bought some gesso from Riley St Art Supply in Santa Rosa, Ca and got to work. I made this piece outside sitting in the grass. At the time, I did not have an easel. Around the time of making this piece I was just starting to get the hand of oil paint. I used oil paints and oil sticks. I believe it took me two or three days. I love this piece so much. I named it  “Jaimie” after my uncle. The painting just reminded me of Jamie for some reason. 

“Can’t Go Back” April 2021

Third in the series is “Can’t Go Back.” I made this piece shortly after quitting my job to be an artist. I was feeling a lot after I had stopped working there. I was questioning my decision to quit and I needed to make an artistic representation that the job was already done and that I can’t go back. A painting of a reminder that my future is in front of me. This piece is 24” x  24” x 1.5.”

“Big Chilln’” April 2021

The last pool piece I made was “Big Chilln’.” I was feeling lost and stuck energetically when I made this piece so I made a character chilling poolside feeling how I felt. This piece helped me be able to see that It is my choice to be energetically stuck. Just like how it was my choice to paint the character looking lost and stuck. This piece was made with water soluble crayons on a 12” x 12” x 1” canvas.  

I am currently looking for a place to showcase my pool series.

What do you think of this series? Comment below.

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