How To Prepare For Your First Mural Meeting

How to prepare and execute for your first mural meeting + how to do it professionally. 

The first meeting can be nerve racking, especially If it’s your first. I put together my best tips for how to prepare and execute your first mural meeting. 

First, you need to find an opportunity to make a design. Check out my post “How To Find Art Opportunities” for how to create or find an opportunity for yourself.


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Research the place you are going to have the meeting with. Write down anything that looks important. 

Get a professional clipboard

The clipboard will hold the notes that you will need to take at the meeting. This one holds my ipad too. I like to bring my ipad to a mural site because It take good pictures and I can draw quick things on site if needed. 

Make a list of questions to ask 

Have questions typed up on your clipboard with spaces for answers, it looks hella professional.

Questions you may consider asking the person are:

  • What they love about their place and what they are doing? Why this business? 
  • What do they have in mind?
  • What do they want to make sure is included?
  • What do they want people to feel when they see the mural?
  • Specific color schemes?
  • Do they have a specific budget?
  • Get creative here, do your research on questions to ask as designers. There’s a plethora of info on it on the internet. 


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First Mural Meeting Checklist: 

  • measuring tape
  • clipboard 
  • phone or Tablet (if you have one) 
  • pen
  • list of questions 
  • note paper
  • business card and or cool stickers 
  • dope clothes you feel confident in 

Visit the mural site

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Have a meeting with whoever is wanting a mural. 

Take note of the area 

  • Check out the surrounding area and take note of what’s around. Think about what things you may need to reach tall heights and if they are viable options in the space.

Get the exact measurement of the wall

Even if the business sent you the measurement, you want to double check. 

Take a sh%# ton of photos

These will later be used for your mockups. It’s good to have a lot of photo options. Especially if the location is out of the way. 

Ask a million questions

This is critical, you want to find out exactly what they want. Sometimes they don’t know what they want so asking lots of questions will help you both. 

  • Use your handy dandy list of questions you prepared. 

Let them know next steps 

Do you charge for the planning? A good incentive to get your first mural gig is offering the planning for free with a contract stipulating what you will do for free, how many modifications you will offer, e.t.c. Are you going to start working on sketches? Will you have rounds of modifications? 

Figure out what you want your next steps to be and let them know. 

For my first mural plan, I planned it for free. You don’t have to do that but it’s definitely an option if you are willing to put the work in and give a phat discount. Could be a good incentive. 

Turn your notes into a meeting recap document 

Do this right after the meeting. Then, send them the document with a nice email message thanking them for meeting with you and that a meeting recap doc is attached.  It’s important to send meeting recaps because then you can have evidence about what was said and make sure everyone is on the same page. Also, it makes you look professional af. These recaps will vary project to project. Here are two real examples:

Start your next steps

Get to work. You can do this!

What kind of mural would you like to create one day? Let me know in the comments below.

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