My Floating Head Explained

If you live in Santa Rosa, Ca, you have probably seen this floating head around.

This floating head is one of the signature things I make. It comes up naturally and relatively often in my work. 

My floating head started out as a random sketch and has evolved through many drawings, paintings, and digital art. I do modifications to the head but the main idea stays the same. 

My floating heads are spirits.

I like to think all my heads are kind spirits of the highest good. I think about spirits a lot. I like to think about how we are all spirits in bodies and how there are probably spirits without bodies floating around. This head is really special to me. It always brings me joy to look at. Especially when it is holographic! 

I often portray my head with energy bouncing or radiating off.

To me, this represents good energy but it’s open to interpretation. Sometimes, I draw it as good energy overpowering bad.

I grew up in a spiritual environment so spirits in my work are fitting. I have always believed in spirits. Whether it’s spirits of the dead or spirits who have always been spirits, I love and am fascinated by both. 

I usually sign my floating heads with a face tattoo that is of my signature. I think it looks dope as a face tat and gives the head more character. I also sign my heads like this so that people can recognize my work easily. 

I want to share this head with more people via walls. If you have a wall in Sonoma County, or the East Bay, and are willing to let me paint this head, I will do it for free or by donation for the opportunity to share it with the world. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about my floating heads.

Peace – Aim 

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