Women From Different Realities

These three pieces are of the present lives of women in other dimensions.

Lone Sea

“Lone Sea” is one of my favorite pieces I have made. It is the second part in my series “The Sea, dimension 123.” I made this piece in April, right around when I had quit my job to pursue art. 

I started by priming the canvas with pastel ground. I used pastel to begin and then I transitioned into oil paints. This was a freestyle piece, I didn’t really have an idea for what I was going to create. It all happened in the moment. The piece is 30in x 40in x 2 1/4in, big, and beautiful. 

I would like to think the woman in this painting is me, but she isn’t me in this reality. She is an Aim Hover from a totally different dimension in time and space. This Aim is also an artist who creates profoundly. She lives in a world with three moons, sea creatures, and weird people who like to balance on objects in the ocean. 

In the beginning of making this piece, there were actually two women. The other woman had green hair. I was getting frustrated by the size of the green haired woman and actually covered her up. Leaving the Aim Hover all alone with the sea, hence “Lone Sea.”

I do wish that I kept the woman. I miss her sometimes when I stare at this piece.  

I like to draw long necks. The long neck that Aim has represents balance. She has to balance her head on her neck. During a time when I need balance in my life, I tend to draw lots of my characters with long necks. It’s a reminder that balance is possible if I need to create it. 

In the very back of the peace there is a little guy trying to stay balanced on an orange floating device from their world. This guy started as a sketch and he often shows up in my work. 

My first drawing of this character.

I dropped “Lone Sea” on the floor accidentally after I finished it. This is why the clouds are so smeared. I had to get all the plants out of the clouds. After all, there are no mistakes in art, right?

This piece is always a reminder to me that it’s okay to be alone. I covered up her friend and this Aim has had to learn how to be alone, which is totally okay. I think some of us think being alone is bad. But, it can actually be really empowering. The Aim in the lone sea is empowered, strong, and accepting that she is alone. This piece is a reminder that even when we are alone, we can be strong. I think that a strong woman focused piece is a great piece of art to share with the world. Women are so strong and sometimes we need to be reminded of that.

“A Less Lonely Sea”

“Less of a Lone Sea” is the second part in my series “The Sea, dimension 123.” I really wanted to make another piece like “Lone Sea” but making sure that I keeped the girl with green hair. The girl with green hair looked a little bitter, because I covered her up in the “Lone Sea.”

The women are from the “Lone Sea” dimension in time and space. It’s the same ocean as the ocean in “Lone Sea.” The women are both artists in their dimension. They struggle the same way we do in our dimension. Life is always ever evolving for them as it is for us. 

The women are present at the moment. This piece is a reminder for me to be present. I added three suns because their world has three moons. I thought three suns would be fitting and would create balance. I wanted to create a more positive background in this version of their dimension so it could feel like a positive work to view.

Progress picture.

This piece is made of pastel and oil paint on a canvas that is 24in x 30in x 2in.

“Waterfall Girl”

This piece started with random scribbles with brown oil paint. Eventually women came to life.

The woman in the waterfall is enjoying being free and naked in the water in an oil paint nature dimension. I aim to feel as free as her one day. She doesn’t give a f*$% that she is naked in the water and I love that. The big faces in the water represent the collective energy of mother nature. I think mother nature has many faces. Everyone in the image is so present in nature. What an amazing feeling it is to be a free woman in nature.  

Her life is one of freedom and joy. She always behaves like herself and does not care what anyone thinks about it. She is free. She is a joy. 
This piece was such a joy to make. I made it sitting on the floor of my studio. At the time, I didn’t have an easel. I used oil paint and oil pigment sticks. Oil pigment sticks are one of my favorite mediums. It is 18” x 24” x 2.”

Progress picture while sitting on my studio floor.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about these three pieces!

Peace to all!!!! – Aim

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