How I Learned To Believe In My Art

How I learned to believe in my art and how you can too.

Growing up, I had a hard time finishing projects. Especially art related projects. I loved art and making it but I never felt like I was good enough to make anything worth looking at, so I would rarely finish my art. It was so frustrating. Especially because I really wanted to finish these projects. It was so hard for my brain to accept myself and my desires. I felt like I could not believe in myself or my art and that’s sh*%y.

It wasn’t until recently that I felt that I could believe in my art. It all started in September when I met my amazing partner Izzy. He had his own brand and was making money with his art, his art being really fucking cool clothing design. His instagram is @izzy.tha.great if you wanna check him out. His clothes are really something special.

After I saw that he was making money with his craft, I wasn’t sure what was stopping me from doing the same. For several months after we met I practiced art a lot more. Daily, and usually with him. It was so healing. I began really appreciating my art and believing in its legitimacy. 

Izzy and I turned our shed into a studio and I began creating profoundly. I would get off of work at 10pm every night and would work in my studio usually until really early in the morning.

Making art became somewhat of an addiction for me. I got to a place where I felt like I only wanted to pursue art. I saved enough money to quit my job and then I began really being a business lady with my art.

I knew that if I really wanted to be successful I would have to believe in myself. There was just no other option at that point. I learned that people can’t achieve without first believing it is possible. 

Fast forward to now, I just got my first mural job, only a few months after quitting my job. Getting a mural gig was one of my biggest dreams. It wouldn’t have been possible without believing in myself and putting in the work. 

The crazy thing is, anyone can do this.

Literally anyone! All it takes is courage and being active in believing in yourself. The best way to succeed is by using manifestation. Manifest belief in yourself and you will go so far. Trust me. 

If you want to believe in yourself and your art you have to:

  1. Believe in yourself to believe in yourself. It sounds simple, but it’s just true. Build up your confidence. Know that you are an awesome person and you can do anything in this life. 
  2. Make not believing in yourself/your art not an option for you. You must realize that there is no other option besides believing in yourself. If you want to do big things you have no other option than to believe in yourself. 
  3. Make not going anywhere not an option for you. If you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t go anywhere. 

You can achieve anything in this life. Why not start truly believing in yourself now. If you follow your passion/your truth, amazing things will happen for you. 

Good luck and peace to all,


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