5 Tips for Sparking Creativity

5 tips for sparking artistic creativity + a peek into my creative process

1. Find ways to get centered.

Photo by Spencer Selover on Pexels.com

For me, sage and tea work best. Find what works for you. Try incense or meditation. Getting centered before creativing can be really helpful because if you clear your mind, there is less pressure to create something “perfect.”

2. Clean up your space.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Create an organized, clean space for you to work in. It will help you stay in creative mode. When a space is messy I have a hard time creating because all I can think about is that I have a mess to clean up. If you have that same problem, try cleaning your workspace before you start creating.

3. Start creating with a no pressure mindset.

A scribble drawing of mine.

Try scribbling. Get really free with your work. You may even find something cool in your scribbles. Go into the experience with no pressure to create a masterpiece. Just starting to make art can spark creativity.

4. Get out of your art environment.

Annadel State Park in CA.

Go for a walk. Get into nature. Inspiration can spark anywhere. If you are struggling to find inspiration, take a step away. Sometimes, I will bring art supplies with me into nature just incase creativity hits me like a ton of bricks out there.

5. Try a new medium.

My first time working with oil pigment sticks. A work in progress pic.

If all else fails, pick up something that stands out to you from the art store. I always find that new mediums give me a whole new perspective. One I would recommend trying if you haven’t already is oil pigment sticks. They are so buttery and fun! They are also really easy to make a fast piece with.

A Peek Into My Creative Process 

A freestyle acrylic piece on acrylic paper.

My creative process really varies due to what’s going on in my life. As it varies, I am just going to talk about my current creative process, what’s working for me right now. 

I love to start with a cup of tea. It relaxes me and gets me in the mood to start creating. I’ll sage my space and clean up if I feel like that will help my creativity that particular day. 

I walk around in my studio and grab anything that looks interesting. Sometimes it is paper and pencils, sometimes it’s a huge canvas I decide to paint over. It really varies depending on how I’m feeling and what I can find. I love deciding what I’m going to use this way. It’s very in the moment. I love spontaneity in any aspect of my life. Spontaneity makes life way more interesting. 

After I grab the materials that speak to me, I really like to just start freestyling. I love making scribbles and then finding faces in those scribbles. I feel like my best art is unplanned. Not that my art that is planned can’t be good, just that sometimes my unplanned works can turn out to be really powerful for me.

I keep working on the scribbles until I create something that I’m satisfied with. Sometimes I make another version of the work with the same process. That’s how I usually create my series. My series usually starts with a freestyle piece and it really just evolves into several works inspired by the first. 

Occasionally, I will have an idea for a piece and I’ll create something revolving on that idea. I like to keep my ideas loose though so I can leave room for spontaneous new ideas. A lot of pieces are inspired by my dreams. When I have really crazy dreams I just have to make art out of it. I have to make art out of it as a way to cope with whatever crazy dream realms I was exposed to during my sleep.

I hope these tips and a peak into my creative process help anyone looking to spark creativity.

Comment below any tips you have for sparking creativity.

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