What It’s Like To Be A Professional Artist

Being an artist is a whole vibe in itself.

As a professional artist, I feel way better about what I’m doing compared to when I had a “regular” job. I always felt out of place working regular jobs. I felt like I had more potential than customer service and the ability to use a cash register. I tried so many random jobs hoping to find something that I kind of liked. Nothing seemed to fit. 

After seeing that my amazing partner could make money with his art (dope ass clothing design. check out his work on Instagram @izzy.tha.great), I decided to save money and quit my job to be an artist. Every day, good or bad, I feel way better being an artist than being a closet artist at work. I’m not sure if I was closited though because I was constantly drawing on the job lol.

I wake up and every morning I thank myself for continuing to pursue my dreams.

It’s not always easy, there are definitely days that I don’t know what the f$%k I’m doing but it’s okay. There are so many more days of enjoying what I’m doing than when I worked a “regular” job. 

When I have days that I especially don’t know what I’m doing, I am still grateful.

Every challenge is an opportunity to learn.

I have learned so much since I decided to be a professional artist, especially because I have come across so many challenges. There are always challenges in life, there’s not really a way around that.

I feel so much more on track in my life being an artist, and persistently pursuing art in my career. I wish more artists could experience being able to earn money from art. It feels way more honest to me. I feel so natural being an artist.

I often have dreams that are about myself in the future. In these dreams I am accomplishing many cool art goals. It makes me feel like I’m on the right path. These dreams are always so big and interesting. Having dreams that affirm what I do on a daily basis is so powerful. I’m not sure if other professional artists get these, but I like to think that they do too.

I can decide my schedule being my own boss, which is so amazing. I can actually take a rest if I really need to. It’s so much better for my mental health to be able to take breaks when my body actually needs them.

Allowing yourself to be the amazing artist you are feels incredibly fulfilling and natural, even on the days that are more challenging. 

It’s hard to be your own boss, but it’s even harder to have a boss when you are a leader.

If you are considering pursuing art more, please please do it! It is so worth it! If being a professional artist is your dream, let me tell you, you are the only person that can be in the way of that. Allow yourself to follow your dreams. You will thank yourself in the long run. May much love and peace be with you. -AIM

What are your dreams/goals that you want to fulfill this lifetime? COMMENT BELOW

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