7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Quit My Job To Pursue Art

There are so many things I wish I knew about being an artist before I quit my job. It’s okay to not know everything. In the beginning I had no idea what I was doing and I am still learning. Whatever it is that you need to learn will come to you. You just need to manifest it.

Here are 7 pieces of advice for anyone wanting to be a professional artist.

Get your business license and seller’s permit right away.

This comes in extremely handy. Also, it’s good to get the legalities out of the way as soon as possible. Getting these two things takes time so it’s good to start early. A quick google search of either one and the name of your city can help you find what kinds of applications you will need to fill out. Having my business license and seller’s permit opened so many doors for me. I was able to sell my work at the farmers market and local businesses in my city.

Get organized right from the start.

Keep ALL of your art business related receipts. Get a cute organizer for them that organizes them by month. It’s good to print those online receipts as well. Organize any other artist related materials in some kind of filing system. This is so so so important. I still struggle with staying organized but I know how important it is. I wish I knew how to do this in the beginning. I threw away so many receipts I can never get back.

Tip: Make a business account at your local art store where you shop the most. They can keep track of your purchases.

Spend as much time marketing as you do making art.

I had no idea about this one when I first started. Learn how to market your art + network right from the beginning. Also, make sure you are practicing art regularly. The business side of being a freelance professional artist can take lots and lots of your time if you let it. Find a balance that works for you.

Some days will feel slow and pointless.

If you are working for yourself as a professional artist, there will be days that feel super unproductive or slow. This is normal. As artists, we can’t have new ideas all of the time. On days like this, do some self care. Go for a walk. Get out of your art environment and let new ideas come to you naturally when you need them. It’s good to take rest days when you need them.

Anything is possible, don’t listen to anyone who wants to squash your dreams.

It’s inevitable that people won’t understand your dreams of being an artist. All you can do is try not to let discouraging comments get in your head. People don’t always understand what I’m doing and like to warn me of the risks of being an artist. I simply thank them for caring and moving on. Following your dreams is risky and I know that. But, it’s also risky not to follow your dreams. You could risk not living the life you want. Follow your passions, everything will fall into place.

Spend time thinking about your social media platforms/branding yourself.

Think about what you really should post. Most people become well known because of something that stands out with their art. What is unique about your art? How could you brand yourself and your art? Do some research. People will want to follow your accounts if they know what they will get. If you love making drawings of faces, focus on that. If you have an account with face drawings and something else like abstract paintings, it may not fit together in your viewer’s head. Think about yourself as a business. Successful businesses brand themselves. This one I am still learning how to do, it’s not super easy but it’s oh so important.

Have trust in the journey.

This is the best piece of advice I could give you. Trust that everything will work out. There’s nothing else you can really do. If you don’t trust the manifestations won’t come. Trust fully and let things flow. I always hear well known, famous people talk about having full trust in yourself. It’s one of the biggest pieces of advice I have found. Put in the work, trust, and you shall receive.

Peace + Love! -Aim 

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