My Top Five Favorite Mural Supplies

I use a lot of supplies when I paint murals. While every mural project is different, I usually always use these 5 supplies.

#1 Frog Tape

Frog painters tape is just the best. It’s way better than the blue stuff. Trust me. It stays on longer and it seals better. If you would like to see a post about tips and tricks with Frog Tape, let me know in the comments below.

#2 Chalk Line

I like to use a chalk line to grid out my wall if I can. It’s quick and only requires the tool, a partner, and some chalk powder. If you would like to see an in-depth post or video about chalk lining, let me know in the comments below.

#3 Filbert #12 Brush

I love this brush. I use it the most. Even though it’s smaller than a regular house painting brush, it is perfect for many areas. I use this to outline, fill, and clean up where appropriate. It’s an expensive brush and it needs to be taken care of. Even though it has a high cost, it’s totally worth it. I even bought a second one for my mural assistant to use.

#4 Step Latter

Having a step latter around is great for murals that are not super tall but not super short. I use my step latter a LOT when I’m painting. Its perfect for a short person like me to reach just a bit higher. Its also great for storing supplies on if you don’t have an extra table handy.

#5 Metal Yard Stick

A ruler can just come in handy. Keeping one around helps me when I’m drawing out my design.

To view a full list of mural supplies I use, check out:

Mural Supply List

A list + descriptions of mural supplies to get you started and thinking.

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