9 Tips for Art Procrastination

We all face procrastination. I struggle with it, you struggle with it. These 9 tips help me when I am struggling with procrastination. I hope they help!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

#1 Just Start

Sometimes you just need to start. No excuses, get to work. It feels hard to start but its actually the easiest thing you can do. It will help your mind to just start. Once you get into it things will just flow. Be the trigger. You can do this!

#2 Step Away

Go for a walk, get our of your environment. Sometimes just starting isn’t an option for me. If you take some time for your self getting work done can feel a lot easier afterwords.

My favorite stepping away activities are:

  • – taking a walk
  • – spending time with my pets
  • – taking a nap
  • – getting into nature
  • – doodling somewhere other than my studio/workspace
  • – spending time with friends or my partner
  • – cooking
  • – having a snack in a new environment
  • – getting a coffee from a local shop
  • – going sticker slapping
  • – smoking a phat j in a cool place

#3 Be Realistic About What You Can Accomplish

Try not to overload yourself with too many tasks to finish in a given day. Three tasks are perfect. Any more can get overwhelming. Set three tasks for yourself, finish them, and if you finish early add some more. Be realistic about what you can accomplish in a given day. I tend to procrastinate more when I feel like I have too much on my plate.

#4 Make A List With Time Estimations

If you have to get more than three things done in a day it can feel overwhelming. When this happens for me, I like to make a list of my tasks with an estimated amount of time that I think it will take me to complete each task. Once I can see how long it might take me, things seem a little more manageable. I usually start with the tasks that are the fastest and work my way up.

#5 Eliminate Distractions

This one is so important. Turn off the tv, hide your phone, and get focused. Maybe turn on some music and get to work on whatever you are procrastinating about.

#6 Clean

I often procrastinate on work when my workspace is messy. Cleaning can open up opportunities for you energetically. Its worth it to clean up your creation space. After your space is organized and clean, it is easier to stay focused. Try it out, it may work wonders for you.

#7 Meditate

Do a meditation specifically for procrastination. Youtube has a plethora of them. Try repeating affirmations about procrastination.

Affirmations to practice for procrastinators:

(Try writing these down around your workspace)

  • – I always have enough time.
  • – I am so good at starting my tasks.
  • – I can focus and concentrate whenever I need to.
  • – I love getting tasks done.
  • – There is always enough time.
  • – I am committed to my goals.
  • – I always remind myself that I can accomplish anything.
  • – I can accomplish anything.

#8 Develop Healthy Daily Habits

If you have some kind of schedule of daily habits, getting tasks done can be easier. For example, If every time before you work you sage your room, that could symbolize that okay, now its time to start on my work today. Or if before your tasks you always wash your face and brush your teeth. Have a schedule of things that get you ready to start whatever you procrastinate on.

#9 Have A Strong Why

Have a strong why for all of your tasks. It can give them more meaning and might make you want to get to work on what you procrastinate on earlier.

I truly hope these tips helped. What helps you not procrastinate? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 responses to “9 Tips for Art Procrastination”

  1. Lol, cleaning the house is my procrastination activity of choice. I definitely need to rein in my writing process a little, because I’m super susceptible to procrastination, that’s for sure. Anyway, thanks for this post!


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