How To Be An Organized Artist

The more organized you are, the easier things will be. Trust me on this one. In the beginning of my art journey, I was not super organized and that made things very complicated as time went on. These tips should help you get you on the right track for an organized life and business.

Keep a receipt folder

  • It is really important to keep your business receipts. 
  • I use a regular small receipt folder that I found at the thrift store. I see receipt organizers at thrift stores all the time and they are a hell of a lot cheaper than at an office supply store. 
  • ——> Helpful tip: If you plan on selling anything, you should get a business license and seller’s permit to make everything official.

Keep track of your purchases and sales with an excel sheet

  • After you have gathered your receipts, you should track purchases using an excel sheet. 
  • I personally like to use google sheets. It’s easy to use and relatively self explanatory. 
  • I also like to keep an organized list of revenue. 
  • You will be glad you have this organized when it comes to tax time.

Keep your work spaces are organized

  • Make sure everything has a home. If everything has a home, cleaning up after a project is a breese.  
  • Use clear bins, shelves, pegboards, cups, etc. 
  • Thrift stores have great deals for organization materials. 
  • I try to have an area for creation and an area for business. It helps keep my mind organized. If this isn’t an option, cleaning up your art area before, say, working on the computer can be a great way to stay organized and on task. 
  • Clean up at the end of each day.

Meditate and eat well for an organized mind

  • If you meditate regularly, it can really help your mind become more organized and in tune.
  • Eating well has so many benefits, one of the biggest, a healthy mind.
  • A healthy mind accomplishes more.

Make lists of tasks and assign deadlines

  • To stay organized with all of your tasks, make lists and assign deadlines.
  • I don’t like to give myself more than 3 tasks a day but do whatever works best for you.
  • On my lists, I like to write an estimated amount of time that that task might take to make it easier for my brain.

Keep track of short term and long term goals

  • Keep track of your goals.
  • Make sure they are fresh in your brain so your goals can be manifested. 
  • Put in the work and trust the universe.

Keep an ideas notebook (+refer to it often)

  • My idea notebook is so special to me.
  • I can write ideas in it whenever they come and they are all together. 
  • Referring to your idea notebook often, it’s easy to forget what is in there over time but a past idea can be really helpful in the future.

Sign and date your artwork

  • Sign, date, note the medium, and title your artwork right after you complete it if you can. 
  • I would recommend writing the size of the piece on there as well so you don’t need to measure it again in the future.
  • Take pictures of your completed pieces.
    • Use a quality camera and good lighting.
    • Get pictures of multiple angles if applicable.
    • Organize these photos and notes somewhere helpful.

Keep notes about your artwork as you make it for  future reference and titling

  • Write notes as you are making your work.
  • Write whatever comes to mind, however random it may seem.
  • This can later be used as reference to write about the particular piece or be used to help determine the title of the piece.

Clean up before every new project 

  • Clean up before new projects. 
  • This way, when you start a new task, it is easier to stay focused on the task at hand rather than the mess around you.
  • It’s good for the mind to work in a clean environment.

Get rid of things often

  • Donate extra/ old supplies. 
  • Less is more. 

I hope these tips will be helpful for you. Happy organizing! 

Comment below your tips for staying organized.

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