How To Write A Mural Contract

I walk you through how to construct a mural agreement. + PDF of a fill in contract example.

After you get approval of your mural proposal, you will need to draw up a contract.

I am going to walk you through a very basic contract. You may need to add more or less sections depending on your project. This is just to get you started and thinking. 

A few parts of this contract I got from examples of other contracts. I did not find many examples of mural contracts when I was just starting out besides these three. 

While these links are helpful, they don’t go into too much detail about how to craft your own, specific to your project.

Getting Started

Start with a title

Call it something like Mural Project Agreement. You can also call it something like a Mural Project Contract but I prefer to write agreements.

Next, think about what sections you might need to include

Some section ideas you might want to include afterwords are: 

Description of the work 

Obligations of the client and artist







Other Delay 

Capacity/independent contractor 

You may need more or less sections depending on your project. Think hard about what you would want to be included. Afterall it is your contract that you are making.

An example contract is below. A document of this example agreement with hilighted areas is available at the end of this post.



Here write the name of your client, their address + yours as well.

Ex: Name of Full address of the client/business (the “Client”) -AND-

Your name or Your address  (the “Artist”)

This signed document is proof of an agreement between Your Name and Your Client’s Name for a mural project at Location of mural site. 

  1. Description of the work:
  1. The artwork to be created by the Artist shall be: Insert a photo of the design here
  2. The design will be painted on the outside/inside of the Mural site location on the wall facing ___. 
  3. The final painting on the wall will be as close as the Artist can get it. The designs, colors, and samples are merely representational of the finished project. The work will be as close as possible to the mockup/design.
  4. The Artists signature, Name, and/or Instagram handle will be at the              of the mural as displayed in the design. You can add this if you plan on signing it with something.
  1. Obligations of the Client and Artist
    1. The Client is responsible for prepping the wall before the Artist can begin 
      1. Here describe everything that needs to get done for the wall to be ready for you to paint. Some ideas of things to add are: 
      2. The wall must be power washed, prepped, and primed white. 
      3. The primer must be acrylic. 
      4. Garbage and anything hazardous must be cleared.
      5. Add anything that makes sense for the prep of your project. Try to make sure you mention the prep work in your mural proposal before contract time. For more info on Writing a mural proposal check out my post “How To Write A Mural Proposal.”
    2. The Artist shall create the artwork, or in certain circumstances oversee the work of a hired assistant. Again, only write this if it makes sense for your project. Make sure to include that you are going to use an assistant if you plan on using one.  
    3. Mention who will be ordering supplies and providing supplies for reaching tall heights. Ex: The Artist will order all supplies and provide their own scaffolding and ladders. 
    4. The Artist will have first right to work on repairs of the mural in the future. The Artist shall be reasonably compensated by the client for future maintenance and or/restoration services rendered. 
    5. Make sure to mention if you will need to have a place to store your materials on site. This is good to mention in your mural proposal before the client sees it on the contract. Ex: The Client is responsible for providing a reasonably sized, safe space for the Artist to store all supplies. Supplies may include scaffolding, ladders, paint, buckets of paint supplies, tarps, and a shade tent. 
    6. If the mural is to be in an area where graffiti is a problem, you may want to mention what needs to happen if graffiti arrives on your work or work area. Ex: If for any reason graffiti ends up on the wall during the painting process, the Client is responsible for the cost of the paint, gas, time to fix it, and travel time. 
    7. Both parties agree to do everything necessary to ensure that the terms of this agreement take effect.
    8. Mention who is responsible for project insurance if applicable. 
    9. Add anything else that pertains to your specific project. 
  2. Timeline 
    1. The Artist estimates that the project will take                    . 
    2. Mention the start date of the project if you know already. If you don’t know,  mention that the start date is TBD.
  3. Modifications 
    1. Any major changes that the Client requests of the Artist, will result in an additional fee of $___  per hour and $___  per hour for an assistant (if needed) to create the changes or repair, not including gas, paint and travel time. Cost of gas, paint, and travel time will be billed separately. Add this if it makes sense for you. It’s good to mention what needs to happen if the client wants further modifications or modifications well into the project. 
  4. Payments 
    1. Write a payment schedule that makes sense for your project. Maybe you need to space out payment or maybe you want it all upfront. Be clear and write what you actually want. Ex: Supply/material cost, gas cost, and ½ of labor cost is due upon signing the contract. ½ of the labor cost is due on the day of mural completion. 
    2. So, $         is due upon signing this contract and $         is due on the day of mural completion.
  5. Permits
    1. Here, mention who is responsible for obtaining permits if applicable. 
  6. Rights
    1. Sample rights: The Artist reserves all rights of reproduction and all intellectual property rights for their projects. The Artist’s designs may not be used without their permission. 
    2. Maybe the client wants to pay for the rights or you are fine to give them the rights. It’s really personal preference, mention it either way. This is good to add in your mural proposal as well. 
  7. Disability 
    1. In the event of an incapacitation, illness, or injury of the Artist and a delay arising there from the execution of the work, the artist shall notify the client of such delay. 
  8. Other Delay 
    1. If the Artist arrives on the set start day (TBD) to find that the area is not prepped as specified in this agreement, there will be a charge of $___ a day until the area is prepped. This can protect you but it’s not necessary or appropriate in all situations. 
  9. Capacity/Independent Contractor
    1. In providing the services under this agreement it is expressly agreed that the Artist is acting as an independent contractor and not an employee. The Artist and the Client acknowledge that this Agreement does not create a partnership or joint venture between them, and is exclusively a contract for service. Include if it makes sense for you. 

I agree to the above terms

Your Name :_________________     Your Signature:____________________  Date:______________

Your Clients Name :___________     Signature:____________________          Date:______________

Note: Sometimes people want to modify the contract after you send it to them. This is normal, hear them out but make sure you are honest about if you want to make the requested changes or not.

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