How To Create A Mural Mockup In Procreate

I will walk you though a basic mural mockup that you can make in Procreate.

Procreate is a $10 app in the apple App Store. It is totally worth it’s money. When I was designing my first mural, I had a really hard time finding how to make a mural mockup on the internet so I thought I would share how I do it.

When you visit a mural site it’s good to take as many photos as you can, at as many angles as you can. If you can’t visit the site, google street view can be your friend if the wall is outdoors.

Start out with the photo you want to create a mockup of.

Create a new layer.

Tap the tool, on the add section tap insert a photo of file.

Add your design.

Move your design to where makes sense. Tap on the arrow on the top right corner, then select distort. Pull the corners of your design till it fits in accurately.

Select the layer of your design. Press the n, the reduce the opacity.

Select the eraser on the top right and erase anything that is in front of the design to give the sense that it is accurate.

Select the layer again and put the opacity back to Max.

Viola, now you have a mockup. To save the image, go back to your gallery, select your image that you just made, and save it to your device.

Comment down below or shoot me an email @ if you have any questions.

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