How To Get Your Art Noticed By More People

30 ideas you can try to get more eyes on your work + helpful links for each idea.

When I quit my job to pursue art, I was super interested in exposing my art to more people. I knew that to make it as an artist, I would have to get as many eyes as possible on my work. I have tried many different ways to expose my work and have learned from trial and error what has been working for me. I have compiled a list of tips you can try to get your art noticed by more people. I added some helpful links to my posts and others posts for each idea.

Personally, the best ways I have been able to get exposure have been:

But, what worked for me might not be the best for you, so, I compiled a list of 30 ideas for getting exposure. 

30 ideas for getting your art noticed 

  1. Reach out to cafes 
    1. Often cafes will display art from local artists. Ask around, you never know. 
    2. Email cafes a link to an online portfolio and a nice compelling message. 
    3. Usually, you can even sell your work at these cafes. 
    4. Other places that may put up local art:
      1. Restaurants 
      2. Hotel lobbies
      3. Anywhere else that looks like they might show art
  2. Paint live 
    1. Start creating your art in public.  
    2. This is my favorite way to get exposure because I can get immediate feedback from people about my work. 
    3. Wear interesting noticeable clothes while painting. I have had people notice me in my city because of my dope clothes. Get some clothes from @izzy.tha.great. He is my amazing partner who designs really cool streetwear. You can usually find me repping his clothes or clothes I make.
    4. Places were you can live paint usually (keep in mind some places require approval):
      1. Grocery stores 
      2. Parks 
      3. Skateparks 
      4. Events 
      5. Markets (farmers market or craft fairs)
      6. Flea markets
  3. Hand out stickers 
    1. People love stickers. LOVE THEM. 
    2. Get custom stickers printed by Sticker Mule. Sticker Mule is great because you can order inexpensive samples. 
    3. Leave stickers at bulletin boards, slapped on public property, and high traffic areas. 
    4. I love handing out a sticker with a business card or just to random people. 
  4. Hold an open studio
    1. Show people what you make right where you make it. 
    2. Promote it on facebook, craigslist, fliers, and social media. 
  5. Network 
    1. Go to events in your area. It doesn’t matter if it’s art related or not, the goal is to meet people and talk about what you do. 
    2. Talk to as many people as possible about what you do/create wherever you go.
    3. Hand out professional business cards, dope stickers, and small prints.
  6. Sell at markets 
    1. Try selling at the farmers or an art/craft fair.
    2. This idea takes big prep work but might be a great source of income for you. 
  7. Sell at stores 
    1. Apply to sell your work on commission at stores that sell local goods. 
    2. Ask around at your local stores. Some stores you can even apply online.
    3. Do your research and be professional.  
  8. Set up an etsy, ebay, etc
    1. Try some online marketplaces. 
    2. Be consistent and see where it goes.
    3. Your craft may be perfect for an online marketplace. 
    4. Selling smaller works is a bit easier for shipping. 
  9. Be creative with your art in public 
    1. Do your art in public in a creative way. 
    2. Think outside the box. 
    3. Let your main goal be connection.
  10. Do art giveaways 
    1.  In person and online.
    2. Do raffle giveaways at events or during live painting. (link)
    3. Do giveaways on your social media. 
      1. You can make rules for the giveaway like having other people tag their friends in the comments of the giveaway post or sharing your post on their story to get more exposure. 
  11. Promote on instagram 
    1. Or whatever you mainly use.
    2. Paid promotion is helpful for exposure but it can be expensive.
    3. Spend wisely. 
  12. Try several different social media platforms 
    1. Try multiple social media platforms to see what works best for you.
  13. Collaborations 
    1. Collaborate with other artists in person and online. 
    2. Collaborations on instagram can be super helpful to get your work seen by a new audience. 
    3. Ask artists that have work that would look good with yours. 
    4. You can collaborate digitally or in person. 
  14. Newsletters 
    1. Start a newsletter.
    2. Use mail chimp, it’s free under 1000 contacts on your list. It’s super intuitive and easy to use. 
    3. Use raffle giveaways to add new emails to your list.
  15. Start a blog 
    1. Use writing as a new way to reach your audience. 
    2. WordPress is a great site for having a blog website.
  16.  Start a youtube 
    1. What do you have to share with the world? 
    2. You can start with just your phone.
    3. Start creating right away and be consistent.
    4. Write down about 50 video ideas. 
    5. Keep an ideas notebook around that you can add into often. 
  17. Use google ads to promote your website 
    1. Purchase ads to help promote your website once it looks credible and professional.
  18. Search for public art opportunities 
    1. Do some research locally. 
    2. Public art is a great way to get your art noticed by more people.
    3. Cities leave room in their budgets for the arts, try to get in on it.
  19. Reach out to galleries
    1. Reachout to galleries to see if they will show your work.
    2. Make sure the galleries usually show artwork similar to yours.
  20. Find an art organization 
    1. Search around, there are many art organizations out there that can help you get opportunities and gain exposure.
  21. Giveaway freebies at events 
    1. Go to events and hand out branded items. 
    2. Like, stickers, keychains, small art pieces, etc.
  22. Try to get in an up and coming art magazine
    1. People start maganizies all the time, try to get in on them when they are young and early.
    2. Pitch small magazines that you find on instagram.
  23.  Apply for grants 
    1. Apply for grants to get exposure and to get money to fuel getting exposure.
  24. Hold your own art show 
    1. Decide if you will do a solo or group show.
    2. Research how to throw a successful show. 
    3. Make an appointment with your local permit office about how you can do an outdoor or indoor show legally. 
    4.  Places that you could hold a show at:
      1. A park
      2. Hotel lobbies
      3. A mall
      4. The downtown of your city
      5. A yoga studio 
      6. A restaurant 
      7. Empty buildings in high traffic areas that you can rent for a day or two
      8. Your house 
      9. Someone else’s house
      10. Make an appointment with your local permit office about how you can do an outdoor or indoor show legally. 
  25. Find or create a community of people 
    1. In person and online.
    2. Engage on social media and talk to people in your city. 
    3. Make connections. 
  26. Start a podcast
    1. Have something to say? Make a podcast. 
    2. You don’t even have to have guests.
    3. Try making short podcasts about your artist thoughts.
  27. Be consistent 
    1. In person and online.
  28. Apply for art contests 
    1. You can gain exposure and even money from art contests. 
    2. Research online and local contests.
    3. Make sure the contests seem legit as there are many scams online.
  29. Donate your work 
    1. To a cause you love. For example, you could donate a mural or a design to something that is important to you. 
  30. Paint a mural 
    1. If you are a painter, murals are amazing exposure as really anyone could see it if it’s in a public place. 

Make sure to follow these 3 rules for getting your art into the world:

  1. Be passionate
  2. Have trust in yourself and the journey 
  3. Never stop trying

You can get the exposure you desire! It just takes time, work, and trust. Comment below if you try any of these ideas. Peace. 

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