My Top 4 Books for Artists

Art/Work – Revised & Updated: Everything You Need to Know (and Do) As You Pursue Your Art Career

This book illustrates the basics of the visual artist world. From getting gallery representation to sample contracts and CVs. I wish I had gotten this book sooner! If you are new to jumping into the art world I would highly recommend this book. I gained a lot of insight into how the art world functions. There are lots of nice quotes from people in the art world.

The Artist’s Way

If you have not already heard about this book, it’s time to purchase it. This book does wonders for the creative process. I almost don’t know what to write about this book as I feel that it speaks for itself. This book has writing exercises, quotes from artists, and helpful information about the creative process. After reading this book and doing the exercises, you will be amazed at your results!

How To Write About Contemporary Art

Writing about your own work or art in general is hard! This book has some good information on how to write about art. There are many examples of ‘art writing.’ This book will help you learn how to write about art in a way that is easily understood by readers. There is also information about how to write about your artist statement. This book is pretty general and contains many gems. The hard copy is better than the kindle version. It’s a great reference book. 

Handbook for Artist Working in Community

This handbook is about working in the community as an artist. You can download it for free here. I heard about this resource when I was accepted into a local community arts grant program in my city. It has information about working with others and collaboration. A must have if you plan on being involved in public arts in any capacity. 

What are your favorite books for artists? Let me know in the comments below.

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