My name is Aim Hover. I was born in Greenbrae, California, in 2001. I am based in Sonoma County and I typically work in Northern California. I am an expressionist and I mostly paint. I work in acrylic, oil, and spray paint. One of my first experiences as an artist was when I was 2 years old, left alone for only a few seconds with finger paint nearby. It wasn’t long before I covered the walls and myself in green paint. It’s safe to say I have always had a curiosity for color and artistic expression. My art is currently influenced by Pabo Piccaso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bud Snow, and several music artists; including Aaron May, Ron Obasi, J Cole, and Freddie Gibbs. I am also influenced by the East Bay, taking as many trips as I can up there to gather influence spilled all over city walls and faces.

My work contains lots of faces, most non-intentionally looking like my partner Izrael Brown, a clothing designer and graffiti artist who I am constantly inspired by. While I did go to an arts-centered k-8 school and attend two art classes at Santa Rosa Junior College, I am mostly self-taught. I don’t think anyone needs a degree to be an artist. I am passionate about self-study and creating art. I am very inspired by other artists who pursue art without a degree and who are very self-motivated and driven.

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